The Realty Medics

The Realty Medics specializes as an Orlando property management company, and it’s our honor and privilege to be able to give back to students by offering this scholarship opportunity.
We invite you to submit an essay detailing – What makes a great property management company and what suggestions can you make to improve the industry?
Essays should be 750 -1,500 words, and should remain related to the prompt. Winners of this essay scholarship will receive $1,500. The essays will be judged and winners chosen based upon their reasoning and explanation.
Academic standing, financial need, and volunteer work will also be considered. The Realty Medics hopes this scholarship will help further those who are seeking to enter the real estate industry.
Ideas in how we can better our industry lifts up everyone we serve. Your ideas and suggestions are stepping stones for the future of the real estate industry. Send in your essay today and help better not only your future, but those we serve everyday.