PCC Retirees Association Scholarships

The Pasadena City College Retirees Association is a non-profit organization. Its purposes are to contribute to the mission of the College and to contribute to the fellowship and the intellectual interests of its members. All retirees are automatically members of the Association. Active members are those who wish to participate in the activities of the Association, some of which are listed in the section on the History of the organization.

These scholarships are awarded to returning students, those who graduated from high school at least five years ago, and those who have had considerable difficulties in their personal lives. These difficulties have often prevented them from continuing their education after high school. In writing your essay, make sure to emphasize what difficulties you have had, especially those that have prevented you from attending PCC (or another college) at an earlier time. The following opportunities are part of the Retirees group of awards:

PCC Retirees Scholarship
Bernard Osher Scholarship – PCC Retirees Association
Bernard Osher Scholarship – Dona Mitoma and Marvin Inouye

To apply for this opportunity, you will need to complete the full General Scholarship Application and do the additional essay on your struggles or hardships related to you attending college. Additionally, the following criteria will need to be met for eac of the three scholarships:

  • Retirees: 3.0 GPA and must have completed 18 units at PCC
  • Retirees Osher: 24 units completed, currently enrolled in 6 units, and receiving the California Promise Grant (Board of Governor’s Waiver)
  • Mitoma/Inouye Osher: 24 units completed, currently enrolled in 6 units, receiving the California Promise Grant (Board of Governor’s Waiver), planning to transfer, and interested in pursuing a career in teaching

Please review the Retirees Association website at www.pasadena.edu/retirees prior to applying.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Scholarship Applicants: the Retirees Scholarship Committee asks that you visit their website at www.pasadena.edu/retirees to learn more about the requirements for this scholarship. Please indicate that you have done this before completing your application.
  2. Please write an essay of no more than 500 words addressing the following: What difficulties have you experienced in life, especially those that have prevented you from continuing your education right after high school? And, what particular interest, volunteer experience, and/or other activity of yours has made a difference to the lives of others, including your family?
  3. What year did you graduate from high school?
  4. When did you start classes at PCC?
  5. Please provide a name and email address for a professor who can provide a reference for you.
  6. Mitoma/Inouye Opportunity: Career Plans
    • Are you interested in teaching as a career path?
    • If you answered "yes," why are you considering becoming a teacher?
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