Kathleen D. Loly Sch

Kathleen D. Loly was the chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages at PCC from 1926 to 1955, as well as a Professor of Spanish. The scholarship awarded in her name is given to outstanding students who have achieved excellence in a foreign language.
To qualify, students need to be transferring to a four-year school, having completed at least two semesters at PCC, and exhibiting excellence in Foreign Language classes at PCC.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list all the foreign language classes you have taken at Pasadena City College
  2. Please upload a current copy of your PCC Transcript, showing all courses completed.
  3. Please provide names and email addresses for TWO individuals who can provide reference letters on your behalf (PCC faculty, clergy, employer, etc.)
    • Reference #1
    • Reference #2
  4. Alpha Gamma Sigma involvement
    • Are you a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma?
    • If you answered "YES", when did you join the organization?
  5. Please describe what your professional goals are in terms of the field of Foreign Languages, what motivated you to pursue them and what your plans are to reach them.
  6. Please provide a brief statement of your financial need.
  7. ( LOLY) Please download the Academic Progress Report by clicking HERE and give to all your professors to complete. Upload the completed document when completed.
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