The Shatford Family for the Walter T. Shatford Scholarship

The Shatford Family for the Walter T. Shatford Scholarship

Walter T. Shatford II served as a trustee for Pasadena City College for nearly thirty years. Before that, he had served eight years on the Board of Education for the Pasadena Unified School District. Throughout his years of service he had a heart for the Library.

In 1957, Shatford was elected to the Pasadena Board of Education, which then supervised elementary through college-level education. When what was then Pasadena Junior College split off in 1966, he left to serve on its board and stayed until 1997.

Keeping college affordable and cultivating a diverse campus population were two of Shatford’s major themes, said John Martin, a board member.

“He had just incredible wit,” said Martin, who joined the board in 1979. "The first thing he said to me was, ’There’s a lot of things you gotta know, but the most important thing on a seven-member board is that you gotta know how to count to four.’ "

Shatford’s legal and fundraising expertise was credited with helping to keep the Pasadena branch of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People afloat during turbulent times. He served on its board for 43 years and in 1993 received its top award for service.


The Walter T. Shatford Scholarship allowed me to continue my education while supporting the growing needs of my son. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend school and the support given to me by the Walter T. Shatford Scholarship.
2015 Recipient Luciano Groisman

The Walter T. Shatford II Scholarship supported my academic success and I can now start to save money for when I transfer to a 4-year institution. This scholarship is a contribution to my future and I am truly grateful.
—2014 Recipient Cynamon Mantley

I was honored to receive the Walter T. Shatford II Scholarship. As an international student who pays full tuition I was grateful for the extra funds, which would help cover my school fees and support me in my goal of becoming a teacher. I hope to one day be able to return the favor and contribute to the education of others.
—2013 Recipient Jean Bordeaux Martin