Pasadena City College Retirees Association

Pasadena City College Retirees Association

In January of 1989, members of the Pasadena City College Board of Trustees, having conferred with the President of the College, spoke with two retirees from the College, asking them to consider founding a PCC retirees group. During the spring of that year these two retirees put together a committee to explore the idea and formed the Pasadena City College Retirees Association. Members of the Retirees Association continue to support the work of the College by volunteering to tutor, to assist at phonathons for the College Radio Station KPCC, to work part-time in some divisions, to fund various scholarships, and to assist in other ways as needs arise. The association numbers about 550 members.


The Pasadena City College Retirees Association scholarship was an investment in my education that I will appreciate throughout my career. The scholarship provided peace of mind at a stressful time in the semester.
—Gaylynn Summerlin, 2015 Recipient

After ten years of being out of school, I am so grateful for the Retirees Scholarship for giving me the opportunity to continue my education while supporting my family.
—Kody Courdan, 2015 Recipient