The Exclusive Hawaii Scholarship

The founder of The Exclusive Hawaii, JF Benoist, knows how life-changing a book can be.

After reading The E-Myth, JF was motivated to start his own business. In 2010, JF and his wife, Joyce, founded The Exclusive Hawaii — a non 12 step, holistic residential treatment center that broke the traditional addiction treatment mold.

After reading You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting for, JF was inspired to think outside the box and create his revolutionary therapeutic methodology, Experiential Engagement Therapy™.

In 2018, JF wrote and self-published his own book, Addicted to the Monkey Mind, which has gone on to sell over 26,000 copies (and counting!) and has established JF as a thought leader in the addiction field.

Reading has been an integral part of JF’s success, and he wants to encourage students to take time to reflect on how much their own lives can be impacted by a good book.

For this reason, The Exclusive Hawaii Scholarship is open to students going into any field. The requirement to apply is to submit an 800-1,000 word essay about how a book has made a significant impact on your life.

As The Exclusive Hawaii is founded on an experience-based learning concept, JF and the entire Exclusive Hawaii team hope that the reflection process of writing this essay will lead all applying students to foster a deeper appreciation for reading.