Latino Advisory Committee

President’s Latino Advisory Committee (PLAC) provide students at PCC with scholarships as outlined in guidelines. These awards are part of the President’s Latino Advisory Committee and awarded during the spring semester at the Latino Scholarship Dinner, May 21, 2019.

To support you through the application process, workshops will be held in March and April. Please visit the PLAC website for updated information here:

PLAC: President's Latino Advisory Committee
Supplemental Questions
  1. Statement of Purpose: Please write an essay that addresses the following points:1. Describe your academic plans and career goals; 2. Describe your interactions with the Latino Community and how, through your interactions, you have an understanding of the Latino Culture; 3. Given your personal background, explain how achieving your career goals will positively affect the Latino Community.
  2. Who in your immediate family (only parents and siblings) has obtained the highest level of education?
  3. Given your answer to question #2 (above), what is the highest level of education that family member has obtained?
  4. How many people live in your household?
  5. Dependent Students Only: Under federal regulations, you are considered a dependent student if you are under 24 years of age (unless you are a graduate student; are married, or have dependents other than a spouse: are an orphan or ward of the court; or are a veteran of the US Armed Services)
    • What was your families' household total income for the previous year? (answer "NA" if you are an independent student)
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